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Drakes Pride Umpires Kit
Product ID:   2918001
Official Umpires kit as used at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and also use at all the major World Bowls Tour Events.
Price on application. To order Only

Kit consists of:-

Feeler Gauge, Callipers, Set Square
Score Lollipops, Magnifying Glass
Chalk Spray, Wedges, Supalock measure
Rinklock Measure, 30m fibre tape
Kneeling Pad, Bowls towel
Toucher Gauge.

All items available separately.
Price:   0 € each

Drakes Pride pair of bowls wedges
Product ID:   2918002
Rubber bowls wedges for when you need to measure an unstable bowl.
Price:   6 € each

Drakes Pride set of feeler gauges
Product ID:   2918003
Set of feeler gauges for those close shots
Price:   6.50 € each

Drakes Pride callipers
Product ID:   2918004
Steel 6" callipers. Not in stock. Please order if required.
Price:   17 € each


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