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Drakespride Steel Measure
Product ID:   2911001
10ft Steel measure with calipers Available in Orange, Yellow, Black, Green, Pink, Green & White
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Price:   20 € each

Drakespride Supalock String Measure
Product ID:   2911002
9ft string measure with belt clip & calipers. Available in:- Aqua, Blue, Red, Green or Pink
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Price:   23 € each

Drakespride Rinklock String Measure
Product ID:   2911003
12ft String Measure Available in White or Sky Blue
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Price:   26 € each

Drakespride Accessory Pouch For Measure and Chalk
Product ID:   2911004
Leather pouch can be clipped onto your waistband of your skirt or trousers.

Currently not in stock, call to order
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Price:   15 € each

Drakespride Pegs Measure
Product ID:   2911005
Peg measures are more commonly used in the game of Crown Green and are 15' in length with locking mechanism
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Price:   6 € each

Drakespride Rubber Bowls wedges
Product ID:   2911006
Rubber Bowls Wedges (Set of 4)
Rubber bowls wedges for when you need to measure an unstable bowl.
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Price:   8 € each

Taylor Tournament TX_330 11ft Measure
Product ID:   2911009
Designed with help and advice from the top officials and in conjunction with information gleaned from bowlers at all levels of the game.
Our designers took into account modern technology, accuracy, ease of use, quality
and value in their conquest for these specifications.
All models are manufactured to exacting standards to incorporate a secure measuring mechanism and are housed within a transparent injection moulded casing. The cord is a fine, flexible, silver nylon coated, multi-strand, steel cable.
Common to each model is a ridged base to ensure a secure, non-slip foundation.
TX-330 11ft measure in Black
None in Stock. Please order if Required.
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Price:   25 € each

Henselite Prohawk
Product ID:   2911011
11ft string measure suitable for both lawn and crown green bowling.
None in stock. Please order if Required
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Price:   25 € each

Henselite Clubhawk Gold ABS
Product ID:   2911014
This popular measure has now been improved with an ‘Advanced Braking System’ device that improves measuring accuracy. Extends up to 9ft and other features include fixed callipers and belt clip. Available in Aqua Green, Black, Royal Blue, Burgundy and Yellow.

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Price:   24 € each

Henselite Clubhawk Gold Country Range
Product ID:   2911016
Offering all the features of the Clubhawk Gold ABS, we now offer an extensive Country-specific range. Each measure comes in flag colour combinations unique to their country, featuring a country flag badge in the centre.
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales currently available but other countries available on request.
None in stock. Please order if required selecting country in dropdown in Colour section.
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Price:   26 € each

Henselite Clubhawk
Product ID:   2911017
For flat and crown green. Extends up to 9’ and features a unique locking action with a press button release, locating spigot, fixed callipers, durable plastic casing, a strong nylon covered steel cord.

Available in white or red.
None in stock. Please order if required
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Price:   22 € each

Drakes Pride 100ft tape
Product ID:   2911018
100' Fibre Measuring Tape (B6150)
Can be used for both Crown Green & Lawn Bowls greens
Price on Application to order only
Price:   0 € each


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